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Saw my all time favourite dress. Great opportunity to shoot some close-ups!

I can’t be the only one thinking Tooth would wear this

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handpainting again and again ! ^^

I can say I made more than 12 Princess Zelda tapestry now ! XD

I can decorate again all  my room’ walls with ! lol

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The end…

;_; I wished it ended it like this…

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A lot of people have been arguing about the Metroid: Other M and Super Smash Bros 4 design for Zero Suit Samus. Some people like the new designs better, and other claim them to be more sexualized. Honestly I like all of the designs she has had over the years. I have zero complaints (Hehe geddit? Zero like the Zero Suit). 

Now the first two images are of Zero Suit Samus from Super Smash Bros Brawl (left), and Super Smah Bros 4 (right). Since these designs are not canon it doesn’t really matter. But I personally think that the SSBB design was more sexualized than the new SSB4 design. Yeah sure the new design has stilettos, but look at the body. She’s less curvey now, and the shape of her breasts are less defined. Also Samus is more muscular in the SSB4 design. If Nintendo was sexualizing Samus they would have made her less muscular, because most men do not like muscular women. The stiletto jet boots are a cool idea, but I could easily live without them. In my opinion they don’t make her more sexualized. Wearing stilettos doesn’t turn you into whore. And like I said earlier these designs aren’t canon so who cares.

Let’s look at the actual canon designs as shown in the bottom picture. Each Samus in this picture is from a different game. Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Metroid: Other M (from left to right). From first glance I can tell which design is the most sexualized design. The Zero Mission design has the largest butt and thighs, and she has curves. The Corruption design has a smaller butt, however she is still curvy and now has a large thigh-gap. In case you didn’t know, a thigh gap is the ideal shape in the modeling industry. The Other M design is the most natural looking of the three. In this design Samus is less curvy, has more natural shaped hips, and average body shape. I personally find this design the least sexualized, However I personally dislike how straight her arms are. There is not muscle shape in her arms and that is unrealistic where she is athletic.

So if you think that the SSB4 and Other M designs are more sexualized, you might want to think again..

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Zero Suit Samus Announced for Super Smash Bros. 4!

her new design is cool ! 

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Come to the dark side with me ! 

Made In Asia 2014

photo by : Aleke Photography

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very 1st picture of photoshoot

photo taken by Shashin kaihi Photography thanks ! :hug:
at Le salon MADE IN ASIA in Belgium

- cosplay : Dark Zelda, Alternative color form Super Smash Bros Brawl with Twilight Princess design

- costume worn and made by : :iconnarayu: 

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Very first picutre of my Serena cosplay (female trainer from Pokemon XY)with my handmade dratini plushie.picture takent by Egenius at Made in Asia in Belgium this weekend !

Very first picutre of my Serena cosplay (female trainer from Pokemon XY)
with my handmade dratini plushie.

picture takent by Egenius at Made in Asia in Belgium this weekend !

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Wig test for Serena from Pokemon XY

this is a one week made cosplay ! XD

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wow it’s beautiful !!! *-*

wow it’s beautiful !!! *-*

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